What Cooking Oil Is Best For Skin + Giveaway Winner

What Cooking Oil is Best for Skin

What Cooking Oil is Best for Skin by Anna De Souza and Dr. Oz + Amazon Gift Code Giveaway Winner!

A few years ago I would have been mortified of the idea of putting cooking oils on my skin.

But since I started my healthy hair journey, I have grown accustomed to finding my favorite beauty products in the kitchen.

My favorite oil for facial cleansing is castor oil, but in pinch I can reasonably reach for a cooking oil!

So what cooking oil is best for skin?

It depends on your skin type. If your skin is oily, dry, normal or a combination of the three, there’s a cooking oil that can work for you.

Contrary to how it sounds, using cooking oils gives my combination skin a nice cleanse. My skin does not feel oily or greasy. Most days I do not need to follow-up with a moisturizer because my skin isn’t stripped and feeling dry.

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I do have acne prone skin, but so far I’ve had no issues using castor oil, jojoba oil or sesame seed oil.

Whenever you’re applying carrier or essential oils to your skin, do a patch test first. Not everyone’s hair, skin and body responds the same to oils depending on body chemistry and possible allergies.

In this clip of the Dr. Oz show, beauty expert and blogger Anna De Souza says what cooking oil is best for skin. These oils will also help you look younger too!

  1. Extra Virgin Olive – Perfect for Dry Skin
  2. Sesame Seed Oil – Perfect for Oily Skin and helps fight acne
  3. Coconut Oil – Perfect for combination skin and helps balance your skin PH

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Piping Rock – Herbs, Supplements, Essentials Oils and more… Always the best for less! 

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