Vacation Time with Intelli Armor

intelli armor

Vacation Time with Intelli Armor

So I had the most amazing vacation this week with hubby. We took a trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Of course no one travels these days without the ability to charge a variety of devices. For me it’s my Samsung, iPad, and Fitbit. Since keeping our devices fully charged is a need that most of us have in common, I wanted to share this review with you guys!

Depending on where you’re staying, with friends or a hotel, you may have limited access to charge your USB devices.

When you need to stay on top of your fitness goals, have access to GPS, or watch YouTube while waiting on your Uber, you don’t want to be surprised by low battery power.

The intelli ARMOR 4-port USB charger was a gem on our vacation. It’s light and compact. The box the charger comes with made for a perfect travel case.

This charger gives me the ability to quickly charge 4 devices at once! It doesn’t come with a USB cord but most phones and other devices are already sold with a cable.

Pictured above is my charger, plugged into the outlet at SLS hotel in Vegas.

This charger is not only perfect for traveling but makes for an excellent accessory in the home or office.

Product Description

intelliSMART charging with intelli ARMOR comes with 4X more charging capabilities.

This product is safe and will not harm the battery of your devices. You can use this for your iPhone, iPad, Androids, and it works great for many fitness tracking devices!

Instead of cluttering your travel bag with multiple charges, save space by packing this one single 3 x 2.5″ charger. Then charge up to four devices at once.

Input – 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A

Output – 5V 5A

Since every device has different charging needs, this charger automatically detects the needs of each device. Each will receive the proper charge.

Here are my Grand Canyon photos taken by my fully charged Galaxy. 😉

You can purchase intelli Armor from Amazon for around 20 bucks. #intelliarmor 

Click here: and use the following coupon code for 20% off! SmartPwr

Sadly our vacation is coming to an end but the Coconut Beauty store on Etsy will be back online!


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