Ultimate Essential Oils Guide Review | Essential Oils for Beginners

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Ultimate Essential Oils Guide | Essential Oils for Beginners

Are you new to essential oils? Over the last few years I have incorporated a few of them in my hair and skin care routine. However, only in recent months have I inquired about the total benefits of essential oils.

There are many sites online and what seems to be a millions eBooks on the subject. As oils become more popular, essential oils for beginners guides are growing as well.

Being fairly new to essential oils I have downloaded my fair share of eBooks.

Some of them are written well and contain a wealth of useful information. Others weren’t quite worth the few dollars spent to purchase them.

An opportunity was given to freely download the Ultimate Essential Oils Guide | Essential Oils for Beginners in exchange for my honest review. This book currently retails for $2.99 on Amazon.

They say that the least expensive eBooks are cheap for a reason. They are usually not the best in quantity or quality. I read an eBook not too long ago about coconut oil and the author repeated the same information in nearly every chapter.

Although this guide is short in length, the Essential Oils for Beginners Guide is perfect for those who are new to the world of essential oils and how to use them. It is a nice introduction to get you started.

If you want straight to the point definitions and uses for the most frequently used essential oils, this book is for you. Many of us have heard of tea tree oil, sandalwood, rose, lavender and peppermint oils. If nothing else perhaps you’ve read about these oils here on Coconut Beauty! 🙂

The author gives thorough reviews of the most commonly used essential oils for health and beauty. There are five total chapters covering aromatherapy, how to use essential oils, reasons to use them, health benefits and several essential oil recipes.

This text gives clear and short descriptions of carrier oils and how to safely blend them with essential oils for application.

Probably the most common question when it comes to essential oils is how to use them. What does it mean to diffuse oil or to apply essential oils neat. Chapter two gives a quick overview of each use.

The final chapter offers a variety of recipes from massage oils to facial mists depending on your need. There’s an essential oil recipe for relaxation, promoting weight loss and to relieve sore muscles.

Methods include diffusion, applying oils to your body, applying to bath water and more! This guide makes for a wonderful quick reference to answer common questions.

The link below will take you the e-book’s Amazon page for more information.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WZZAXUK – #essentialoils


Do you have a suggested guide for essential oils for beginners? Let me know if the comments!

God bless!


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