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Tranquility Oil by Phytopia | Aesthetic Theory*


Everyone needs some tranquility in their life. Sometimes it’s hard to come by given the daily demands of life.

If you’ve ever asked to find relaxation in a bottle, I just might have the answer to your request.

Tranquility oil sounds a bit mysterious, but it is simply a blend of natural oils derived from God’s creation. It is a natural way to bring some calm into your life.

This tranquility oil does not contain synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. It consists only of the following blend of organic carrier and essential oils.


  • Organic Carrier Oils: Olive Virgin, Sunflower, Evening Primrose, Jojoba
  • Organic Essential Oils: Orange Sweet, Geranium China, Vanilla, Rose Maroc

Tranquility Oil Benefits and Uses

This oil is formulated to relieve stress and anxiety. It is said to have an immediate calming effect when applied.

Each oil offers its own contribution to help you relax and stimulate mental clarity.

Since this oil blend contains carrier oils, you can apply the tranquility oil neat. For optimum results apply on your skin and massage around your neck and shoulders.

You can use this oil anytime of day but if your concerned about your skin feeling greasy, use about 15 minutes before bathing.

Directly to my skin, I apply anywhere from 5 to 7 drops and massage toward the direction of my heart (as recommended).

The consistency of the oil is light and penetrates into my skin quickly. An added benefit is that it leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft.

I decided to carry this oil around with me and apply small amounts as needed. For me, it actually takes several minutes before its scent moves my senses and I start to relax.

A second suggested use (that I haven’t tried just yet) is to add 3 to 5 drops in your bath water. Using tranquility oil once or twice daily should suffice in calming your mood and relieving stress or nervousness.

Keep the rim clean and the bottle tightly closed to prevent oil from spoiling before its expected shelf life.

Consult a doctor first if you are pregnant or have physical trauma.

My Final Thoughts on Phytopia Tranquility Oil

The fragrance of this oil is on the citrus side. The two aromas that stand out most to me are the sweet orange and rose essential oils. It is not my favorite combined fragrance but it’s okay. 🙂

I appreciate that Phytopia labels each bottle with a manufacture date. The shelf life is 36 months if kept in a cool and dry place. Most likely I will use the 50 ml of oil well before then, but it’s nice to know exactly when the oil was bottled.

I received my order in April and the manufacture date is January of the same year.

This product is for external use and there are other options if you do not want to apply the oil to your skin. You can add the oil to bath water or add a few drops to a diffuser necklace.

This carrier/essential oil blend is not recommended for use in a diffuser.

Although I enjoy and appreciate this product, I feel I get better relaxation results with hydrosols or diffusing essential oils into the air.

If you would like to give Phytopia’s tranquility oil a try, it is available for purchase on Amazon. Click the link below for more information! #PhytopiaUSA

*I received a 50 ml bottle (1.69 fluid ounces) of tranquility oil at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. 

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  1. My hair stylist uses some sort of tranquility oil on my neck and shoulders when I go in for a cut….it’s heavenly.

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