Summer Hair With Coconut Oil

Oils for Hair Growth

You can maintain healthy summer hair with coconut oil. Coconut oil is my favorite summer beauty product for both hair and skin.

Organic coconut oil turns solid when temperatures fall below 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Applying too much to hair in cooler temperatures can make the hair stiff. For this reason many opt to use coconut oil during the spring and summer months.

I use coconut oil nearly everyday rain or shine, but during the summer I go coconut oil crazy.

Below was my summer hair regimen for 2014 and I experienced tremendous hair growth, strength, and softness. So I didn’t have to think twice about going back to this regimen in 2015.

The design of this regimen is accredited to the 2014 Hairlista Coconut Oil Challenge. Hairlista is an online healthy hair network supporting women of various hair types. They frequently host challenges to inspire healthy hair techniques. This is where my love for coconut oil was born.

My Summer Hair with Coconut Oil Regimen!

  • 2X/Week – Prior to washing, apply coconut oil to hair and scalp, leave in for 20 minutes to overnight. Massage it in focusing on damaged areas. Proceed with regular wash-day routine.
  • 2X/Week – Apply 1-2 tsp of coconut oil to weekly deep conditioner. Deep condition with heat. Rinse thoroughly.
  • 2-3X/Week – Apply coconut oil to your scalp “lightly”. Do not rinse.
  • 2-3X/Month – Lightly apply coconut oil to damp hair before applying leave in conditioner.
  • Lightly apply coconut oil to hair before spending a day in the sun


If I still haven’t convinced you that coconut oil is the greatest thing since sliced bread, you can choose a carrier oil of your choice. During the winter I used a blend of oils that was perfect for adding to deep conditioners and doing scalp massages. Check out my favorite blend here!

Why use Coconut Oil in the summer?

  1. Coconut is easy to find and all natural (Use organic, unrefined coconut oil)
  2. Repairs dry and brittle hair caused by chlorine
  3. Coconut oil has a natural SPF and protects hair from the sun
  4. Decreases Shedding
  5. Promotes Hair Growth
  6. Fights Against Dandruff and other Scalp Issues
  7. Helps to prevent Breakage
  8. Helps to prevents Split Ends


Do you incorporate coconut oil in your hair regimen? Has it been successful for you?


~ Candra

“Dream Big. Work Hard.”


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