How to Store Coconut Oil

How Can I Use Refined Coconut Oil

How to Store Coconut Oil

The interest in coconut oil for health and beauty is still rising. With that in mind I wanted to share these quick tips on how to store coconut oil.

How Can I Use Refined Coconut Oil
Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil


Coconut oil that is unrefined and organic tends to have a long shelf. A good quality batch of coconut oil should last anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

If you love coconut oil and use it for everything from oral rinsing to deep conditioning, your stash of oil probably won’t be around for long.

However, if not stored properly, you can shorten the shelf life of coconut oil. And that would be quit devastating. 🙂

Quick tips on how to store coconut oil

  • Store in a cool location – One hot dreary summer I left a jar of coconut oil sitting in a storage room without air-conditioning. It is not where I normally keep it, but after using coconut oil I left it on a shelf and forgot to go back to retrieve it. It took less than a few weeks before the coconut oil went rancid. It probably would have retained some usefulness, however the odor was terrible. The best option was to purchase a new jar. So off to Trader Joe’s I went.
  • Refrigeration is great but not necessary – To prevent coconut oil from going rancid, you may assume that the best place for it would be the fridge. However, coconut oil can live out its full shelf life in a cool pantry. If your home stays warmer than room temperature, keep your coconut oil in the refrigerator. Otherwise, save the room in your refrigerator for left overs. 🙂
  • Keep your coconut oil sealed tightly – To protect the quality of your oil, seal your container well after use. Not only will this prevent leakage, but it also keeps things from getting inside. If you store your coconut near a sink or bath, you want to make sure to keep out water or anything else that may cause bacteria to form in your oil.
  • Keep a separate container of coconut oil for your hair and skin – When I purchase coconut oil, I either purchase two jars or purchase one 54 ounce jar and split the oil into two containers. One container is for cooking in the kitchen and the other is for my hair and skin. This helps to make sure that the coconut oil that you are consuming remains untainted.

If you are concerned about your coconut oil turning from a liquid to a solid or vice versa, no worries. If I have a solid jar of coconut oil, I have found that it melts down pretty quickly by sitting it in a bowl of warm water. I remove the melted coconut oil that I need, and place the jar back in its cool, dry place.

Do you have tips on how to best store coconut oil? Leave them down below!

God bless!

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