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Now on to pure essential peppermint oil uses…

I know it seems that every time I try a new natural oil, I fall in love. I don’t know how peppermint oil has eluded me but finally I’ve grasped four ounces of peppermint wonder!

I’ve been using pure peppermint oil by The Essentials Company. You can find this brand on Amazon. A four-ounce bottle is currently going for $14.97 (Christmas Sale) and ships free with Amazon Prime. The oil comes in a dark glass bottle and includes a glass dropper for easy application.

If for some reason you’re unhappy with the oil, The Essential Co. offers a 100% “lifetime” satisfaction guarantee.

The Essential Co. sent me their product in exchange for my honest review. But that’s not why I’m raving about this product or why my husband is enjoying it as much as I am.

Trust me. I will be raving about this peppermint oil many years from now.

Where does essential Peppermint Oil come from?

According to the Oil Bible, the peppermint plant is actually a hybrid of watermint and spearmint. High menthol contents distinguish the best quality peppermint from other products.

Pure peppermint oil contains no additives or fillers. It’s vegan friendly and produced by steam-distilled mentha piperita.

This brand of peppermint oil is potent and recommended for external use only. Some take peppermint oil internally by adding a few drops to water. However, it’s highly recommended that you consult your physician, especially if you are taking medication.

Peppermint Oil Uses


I have been using peppermint oil both aromatically and topically. Even if just used topically you will get the aromatherapy benefits of the oil.

The fragrance is extremely minty and when inhaled, peppermint oil clears the respiratory tract and give relieve to asthma and sinus issues.  I find it to be a great pick up after a long stress-filled day.

For an after lunch aromatic boost you can simply rub a drop of pure peppermint in your hands and inhale deeply. The fragrance energizes the body.


There are several topical uses for peppermint oil. It is recommended to add peppermint oil to a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil. Applying peppermint oil directly on the skin could cause irritation.

Before using topically, apply the oil to a small concealed part of the body to test for skin sensitivity.

You can rub peppermint on your stomach to help relieve indigestion. Adding a few drops of peppermint oil to a carrier oil and rubbing on your temples can relieve headaches. I plan on investing in smaller bottles so I can carry peppermint oil with me wherever I go. 🙂

I use oils to massage my scalp at least three days a week. I now add about 5 drops of peppermint oil to 3 ounces of carrier oil.

My goal is not to completely coat my scalp with oil. So 3 ounces goes a long way.

The peppermint oil blend feels amazing on my scalp. It’s cool and just slightly tingly. The oil combined with massaging the scalp promotes hair growth and softens my new hair growth.

I do this application at night or right before washing my hair. When I lay down to snuggle with hubby he enjoys the aromatherapy benefits. The minty clean scent is pleasant and the aroma allows him to breathe easy through the night.

Peppermint oil uses include DIY beauty products for the hair and skin!. This weekend I will be adding drops of peppermint oil to my body scrub. The aromatherapy experience during a hot bath or shower has to be amazing.

I’ll keep you posted!!! 🙂

Since only a few drops are necessary for each use, spending $15 for 4 ounces is more cost efficient when compared to the cost of half ounce bottles.

Are you a peppermint oil lover? Share your experience in the comments!
*Christmas Sale* Premium Peppermint Essential Oil by The Essentials Co. – 4 Oz. Extra-Large Bottle with Free Glass Dropper & The Essentials Co. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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