Protect Your Skin With Avenir Lavender Essential Oil

Protect Your Skin With Avenir Lavender Essential Oil

My use of lavender essential oil has progressed from hair growth oil to soap making to spritzing our linens. The uses seem without limits and today I took my Avenir lavender essential oil to the park.

Summer is not officially over. Bugs are still lurking outdoors, waiting for a nibble. To avoid chemical bug repellents, I decided to try Wellness Mama’s homemade bug spray recipe. My essential oil of choice is lavender essential oil.

I mixed together water, natural witch hazel, and vegetable glycerin. Last, I added 50 drops of Avenir’s lavender essential oil. It is 100% pure and non-toxic. With this brand there are no additives or fillers.

Avenir uses steam distillation as their extraction method. The country of origin is Bulgaria.

It is now the end of the day and my bug spray worked great. Once the beautiful fragrance of the lavender oil scented the park air, nearly everyone was reaching for my bottle. 🙂 It doesn’t get any better than smelling lovely while keeping the bugs away.

Check out my video and be sure to give it a thumbs up! 😉


If you are interested in the Avenir Oils brand you can Purchase from Avenir’s website here – ….

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I received Avenir Oils freely in exchange for my honest review. I am not an affiliate.
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2 thoughts on “Protect Your Skin With Avenir Lavender Essential Oil

  1. I have not thought about using lavender oil as a hair stimulant. It makes sense thought. I might try this since I have some.

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