Organic Jojoba oil by Deluxe Botanicals

Jojoba Oil Seeds

Organic Jojoba oil by Deluxe Botanicals

What is Jojoba Oil?

According to, jojoba oil is extracted from seeds of the jojoba plant, scientifically known as Simmondsia chinensis. This plant is indigenous to southern United States and northern Mexico although preserved jojoba seeds have been found in Egyptian pyramids.

Deluxe Botanicals 100% Pure and Organic Jojoba Oil

As pictured here, pure unrefined jojoba oil is a brilliant golden color. The scent is nutty and mild.

Unlike some other oils, it will not turn rancid. Therefore its shelf life is indefinite. Adding jojoba oil to other oils will increase their shelf life.

Jojoba Oil Uses for Hair

Jojoba oil is very similar to human sebum produced by our sebaceous glands. Sebum is oil naturally produced from the body that helps keep skin and hair conditioned.

Many women manipulate sebum to condition and wash their hair. The common practice is to massage the scalp and use your fingertips to pull the sebum from the roots down the hair shaft. Then, thoroughly wash with water only.

Because this oil is much like the body’s natural sebum many prefer jojoba oil for hair conditioning and hot oil treatments.

Jojoba oil is light and does not way down the hair when applied properly. Jojoba oil does not solidify like coconut oil. In the winter I often reach for this oil to use as a leave-in product after washing my hair.

Treating the ends of your hair with jojoba oil can help prevent split ends and hair breakage.

Jojoba oil can be used in conditioners, hair masks, as a hot oil treatment or as a leave in product after washing your hair. Jojoba oil uses for the hair and scalp are innumerable.

Jojoba Oil Uses for Skin

Jojoba oil penetrates the skin very well. I prefer coconut oil for a total body moisturizer since it is more cost-effective and makes my skin soft and supple.

However, using jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer is part of my skin regimen. After cleansing my face (twice a day) I dab a few drops of jojoba oil on my fingers and massage into the dry areas of my face.

My t-zone is extremely oily so I veer away from my forehead and nose when applying. Jojoba oil is gentle for the skin and is an excellent base for body scrubs, serums or lip balms.

Jojoba oil can also be used as a makeup remover, moisturizer or facial cleanser.

Organic Jojoba oil by Deluxe Botanicals

Not every brand of jojoba oil is the same. Many beauty stores sell oils that are labeled “jojoba”. But if you are looking for pure organic oil, always make sure you check the ingredients list first.

Many brands of jojoba oil also contain other ingredients or a blend of other oils. Fortunately this is not the case with Deluxe Botanicals.


The Deluxe Botanicals is marked as USDA organic and lists only 100% pure, organic golden, cold pressed jojoba oil.

It is also…

  • Superior Quality Certified Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, originating from the best available seeds.
  • Lab tested to ensure 100% Purity and Undiluted with Nothing added or taken Away
  • Cold-Pressed lightly, to optimize quality, not to maximum yields.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, B-complex, Copper, Zinc, Selenium and more
  • Gentle for sensitive skin

This oil comes in a 4 fluid ounce dark glass bottle. The lid contains a built-in droplet which is convenient for adding to conditioners, other oils or applying directly to your skin.

Suggested uses and directions are listed right on the bottle.

It currently retails for under $10 on Amazon (see link below). This is a wonderful deal, especially if ordering other items shipped by Amazon. Your shipping for this item could be free.

My skin and hair love the Deluxe Botanicals jojoba oil. I have had no issues with dry hair or skin irritations and I use it almost daily.

Whenever I am reviewing a brand I try to scrutinize the product and look at it from all angles. I ask myself is there anything someone else may not like about the product even though I love it.

I struggled finding any negatives about Deluxe Botanicals and when it’s time I will purchase from this company.

The most exciting aspect of using jojoba oil is the experimenting! Because you are dealing with a chemical free product, the sky’s the limit when it comes to beauty and jojoba oil!

Are you a fan of jojoba oil? Why or why not? Leave me a comment below!

Deluxe Botanicals 100% Pure and Organic Jojoba Oil – Shop Amazon

Disclaimer: I received this product at a deep discount from Deluxe Botanicals in exchange for my honest review. I only share health and beauty information that is a significant part of my own life.


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