Natural Oil Rinsing For Dry Hair

natural oils oil rinsing

If you have dry brittle hair, you just may find the moisture boost you’re looking for with oil rinsing. Cleansing your hair with natural oils will add moisture, shine, and reduce frizz.

All hair types can benefit from pre-treating hair with natural oils and following with a shampoo. However, kinky, curly and coily hair tends to benefit most from the practice of oil rinsing without shampoo. Even my relaxed hair texture loves oil rinsing.

Oil rinsing can be as easy or as intricate as you would like for it to be. Our aim in this article is to go for the easy.

How to: Oil Rinsing

  1. Choose a natural oil. As much as I love coconut oil, I prefer to use oils that will not harden under cool temperatures. My natural oils of choice are grape seed oil, extra virgin olive oil or hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is my favorite ceramide oil to rinse with.
  2. On dry hair, part your hair in sections of two or more and coat each section with oil. If you have dandruff or other scalp conditions you may want to shampoo your hair before oil rinsing. Shampooing hair afterwards may impair the benefits of oil rinsing.
  3. Allow the oil to sit on hair for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Rinse the oil from your hair with warmer water, then switch to cool water.
  5. Allow hair to air dry or blow dry on a cool temperature setting.

The results will be soft, moisturized hair!

There are several ways to modify the practice of oil rinsing. A few are…

  • Applying a moisturizing conditioner on top of the oil application.
  • Sitting under a warm dryer before rinsing.
  • Shampoo hair before oil rinsing to remove any product build up.

When selecting oils that you have not used before, apply the oil to a small section of your scalp. This is to make sure that the oil will not irritate your scalp in any way.

Have you tried oil rinsing before? What effect did it have on your hair?


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