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Infinity JarsInfinity Jars

I love my super chic jars and spray bottle from Infinity Jars. After years of using clear glass or plastic containers for my homemade beauty products, it was time for me to make a better investment in my natural products.

Unlike containers I usually use, Infinity Jars are airtight and made with ultraviolet glass to extend the shelf life of my DIY beauty creations.

Higher grade essential oils are costly. When you take the time to invest in those high quality oils and herbs, you want to protect them and store them with care. Especially when you are also investing your time in making the perfect natural beauty product for your hair and skin.

Infinity jars excel when it comes to preservation. The airtight seal keeps oils, foods, and your homemade beauty products well preserved. Nothing leaks out and nothing foreign is going in.

Visit their science page here to view the 7 month tomato test. You will not believe your eyes. If food storage is a priority for you, and it likely is if you follow an organic diet, these containers pass the test. The tomato test alone convinced me that Infinity Jars are well worth the purchase.

The ultraviolet properties surpasses the clear glass and even the amber glass bottles. Infinity Jars keep harmful light rays out making it a perfect container for infusing oils.

When I am infusing oils with my favorite herbs, I know am getting a potent oil in return. I can feel the difference with infused oils that I use for scalp massages and lotion bars.

If you make natural body butters, scrubs, or lotions that do not contain preservatives, an Infinity Jar will stretch the shelf life of your product for several months.

My jars have a nice weight to them. The glass is thick and has a classic look that adds an elegant appearance to the vanity or bath.

Infinity Jars ReviewIn the video below I show you how I use my infinity jars and how they enhance my body butter, oils, and flower waters.

However, Infinity jars are not limited to cosmetic storage. You can use them to preserve foods, cooking oils, vegetables, and more.

There are wide variety of sizes and styles including essential oil bottles, spray bottles, apothecary jars, kitchen bottles, and more. There is definitely a size jar that will meet your beauty or culinary needs. is currently offering 10% for first time subscribers to their website. It is a perfect opportunity to purchase one of their variety packs to see which jars will fit your needs.

They also offer additional discounts, giveaways on their site and Instagram, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

I want to say thank you to the company for gifting me this magnificent jars! If you follow me here or on YouTube, you will see the use of my Infinity jars again and again!


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