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Getting up and out of the house in the morning can be difficult, to say the least. If you have children or are in charge of getting someone else out the door, mornings can feel overwhelming. That is why we are sharing our favorite tools and shortcuts to remove common hassles that might be slowing down your morning routine. These tips and tools can be used by anyone, young and old alike.

Wake Up With The “Sunrise”

Waking up in the morning can be the most challenging part of the day, especially in the winter when the sun doesn’t rise until later in the morning. If this is true for you, all you might need is a little sunlight… or a little simulated sunlight.

Try an alarm clock that simulates the sunrise with a light that brightens your room gradually before your alarm sounds. It helps you wake up more naturally, improves your ability to function in the morning, and is clinically proven to wake you up feeling refreshed. It can double as a bedside reading lamp too, easing you to sleep at night before waking you up gently the next morning.

Plan What You Are Going To Wear

A little planning can go a long way. Choose your outfit for the next day, and do the same for anyone else involved in your morning routine. Decisions at dawn are tough, especially when you haven’t had your coffee yet. This simple foresight will speed up your morning routine and save you the stress of making yet another decision when you’re barely awake.

Prep Your Meals Ahead of Time

Speaking of planning, stop wasting time fretting over what you’ll have for breakfast or pack for lunch. If you plan out your menu ahead of time, you can rest assured that you already have everything you need in the house, so you can pre-package food over the weekend for quick meals on the go.

Additionally, meal prepping  can help you avoid a last-minute trip to the grocery store. You will eat healthier and spend less money on food if you plan your meals in advance, before the hunger strikes.

Get A Touchless Trash Can

Mornings feel overwhelming when you’re juggling several tasks at once while racing against the clock to get out the door. Maybe you’re grabbing a bite of breakfast while curling your hair, or flipping the pages of your planner for an address while scribbling down an important number to call later. For even the most stellar multi-taskers, a touchless trash can makes life, and especially mornings, easier. Even a bigger bathroom trashcan can be immensely helpful (especially in high traffic shared bathrooms).

This touchless trash can is high-quality and sleek. It has the convenience of an open trash can, with the sanitation and odor-control that come with a tightly-sealed lid. It is also affordable, so there is really no reason to settle for anything less. It is the perfect kitchen accessory to up your multi-tasking game.


Voice-Activated Entertainment System

Many people prefer to start their day with some pleasant background noise to get energized, be it the news, music, or a podcast.

Your morning entertainment gets faster and easier with technology like Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated system that listens for you to request a song or playlist, order food, or even ask a question, all without lifting a finger.

Put Your Mobile Phone On A Wireless Leash

How many times have you left your phone on the kitchen counter, or had your phone abandoned on the seat of a subway or bus? Zomm is a handy app that keeps your phone on a wireless leash, alerting you whenever you leave your phone behind. Zomm connects you with your phone via wireless bluetooth technology and alerts you whenever you stray more than 30 feet from your phone. It also offers a speakerphone feature that lets you talk hands-free, plus a personal safety feature that lets you call for emergency assistance no matter where you might be.

Obviously, mornings can get busy. But these six handy tools will make your morning routine easier. By streamlining your process, you will have an easier time getting everyone out the door on time.



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