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Parenting is hard, and when you have kids, life gets pretty hectic. It becomes difficult, if not downright impossible, to keep your daily affairs in order while maintaining your sanity. You’re constantly juggling things, moving schedules around, and trying to keep track of the kids, the dog, the cat, and your elderly father-in-law.

Fortunately, in today’s world, there are countless inventions and tools available to help you watch over the kids and the rest of the family and keep your sanity. These devices are designed to make life simpler and keep you from getting frazzled while making life for your family safer.

New technologies come out every day, and with those new technologies are new ways for your kids to get in trouble. Though innovation creates new challenges, new solutions to such challenges also become available. For example, smartphones open up a world of information, and easy access to all kinds of people and activities. This can make life easier but it can also make it increasingly difficult to keep your children from being exposed to something you do not want them to be exposed to. In response this lifestyle, new ways to stay apprised of where your children or loved ones are and what they are doing have become widely available and easy to use.

Here, we list eight tools you can add to your parenting arsenal to make living with kids easier. Peace of mind when releasing your kids out into the world is priceless, and these popular tools can give you just that.

GPS Trackers

This type of device may sound Orwellian, but kids who keep losing their backpacks, jackets, or their way home from school and ending up at the arcade might drive you crazy.

Attaching a GPS tag to items that are frequently lost or constantly with your child or another family members can be a lifesaver. Securing a tracker like AngelSense or My Buddy Tag to a key ring, for example, ensures you’ll never worry about them being lost again.


Home Security Camera Connected To Your Phone

Talk about nanny cam 2.0.! If you find yourself needing to leave your younger kids in the care of your eldest child, or you’re trying out a new babysitter, you may want to check in more than usual. You can connect a home security system like Houzz to your cell phone, and see exactly what is going on at home anytime and anywhere you have signal.

Being able to make sure your family, pets, and home are safe is priceless.

Backup Camera

Having a backup camera installed in your car assures you that when backing up the car, there are no kids or pets behind you. Blind spots are more dangerous than many parents realize. Tragically, young children and pets are killed every year in family’s driveways due to parents not seeing them when backing out of the garage or down the drive.

Young children and pets are often not aware of the danger they put themselves in and do not know to get out of the way. Reliable backup cameras, like those offered by Camera Source can prevent a tragedy from happening.

Clothing Hangers

I can’t stress how much children’s mess can get to you. I recommend getting your kids in the habits of keeping organized as soon as possible. Children’s clothing hangers are an invaluable investment. Additionally wood hangers & cedar hangers are great for preserving clothing and keeping that little black dress you never use anymore in great shape for your longing recollections of youth.


Apps To Monitor Internet Use On Computers & Phones

Parents often consider the world today as especially scary because of the evolution of the internet. Access to just about any type of information or, even more terrifying, any type of person is a danger that earlier generations of parents did not have to combat 24/7.

In response to this new constant and complex danger, several different methods of monitoring internet usage and blocking access to certain areas of the internet have become mainstream for parents today. Filters, parental locks, and apps such as Nischint or UKnowKids give parents more control over what their children are exposed to online.

Child Leash

Sometimes, kids will literally run circles around you, and you’d just like to keep your child on a leash. With the popular Skip Hop Zoo Harness Mini Backpack, you can keep a line on your child with a detachable tether. Straps are adjustable, with zoo animal faces to make the backpack fun. It’s an excellent way to keep track of your toddler in busy locations like the mall, airports, or theme parks.

When you remove the tether, your little one will feel like a big kid with their very own miniature animal backpack.

Baby Monitor System

There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to a baby monitoring system for your home. Most of the new systems available use smart video monitors that allow you to keep an eye on your child, and even entertain and soothe them from a distance when you’re busy cooking dinner or cleaning the house.


Wi-Fi Parental Controls

Sometimes, it’s easier to control internet access straight from your wi-fi router rather than attempting to manage levels of online access. Routers like those offered by Linksys and Netgear can help you filter inappropriate content you do not want your kids to have access to, also allowing you to monitor their interactions online.

This makes the process of controlling access to the internet and various applications virtually hassle-free.

Dashcam Lane Departure Assist

Does it drive you nuts when other drivers fail to use their turn signals when merging into your lane? It should because it is incredibly dangerous. This fundamental rule of driving is one of the most frequently broken traffic laws, and is the cause of  numerous accidents—about 2 million collisions a year, according to research. The breaking of this rule is so commonplace that new drivers often quickly develop the habit of disregarding it too.

One invention that enforces the use of turn signals and improves driver safety is the Dashcam Departure Assistant. This is a great tool to have for yourself or your teenager with a brand-new driver’s license. The Dashcam Lane Departure Assist warns you when your car is moving out of its lane (unless you’ve got your blinker on) and is intended to minimize potential accidents by drivers that accidentally move out of their lane due to error, fatigue, or distractions.

It is imperative to teach your child to stay completely focused on driving and to never text while driving. For added protection for your new driver, install a Dashcam Lane Departure Assistant.

Life as a parent does not have so scary. Use the above tools and devices to your advantage to ensure the safety of your family.




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