Honeysuckle Flower Water Benefits

Honeysuckle Flower Water

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Honeysuckle Flower Water – Relaxing Aromatherapy

When I first came across honeysuckle flower water, I was naturally drawn to it. It brought back childhood memories of picking and eating honeysuckles with my mom. They grow wild nearly everywhere.

The benefits of honeysuckle flower water mimic the many benefits of rosewater.

Honeysuckle flower water is derived from the plant and steaks claim to curing and preventing many health issues.

According to webmd.com, honeysuckle has medicinal properties and is used to treat digestive disorders, colds, pneumonia and much more. The plant is also used to apply to skin to treat itching and kill germs.

Not only is the honeysuckle plant useful for medicinal purposes, but it’s an amazing natural beauty product that you must try at least once. You may just fall in love like I did!

I haven’t grown a formal addiction to flower waters but I do keep a 4 ounce spray bottle of honeysuckle flower water in my bag and on my desk at work. 🙂

So why do I keep honeysuckle flower water nearer than my cell phone?

I predominantly use honeysuckle flower water for its aromatherapy benefits. There is something in the fragrance that brings immediate relaxation.

Just a spritz or two on my face calms the tension that accompanies a busy work day. At the same time it is working as a facial toner giving my skin a beautiful natural glow.

I hold the spray bottle about 12 inches away and let the misting begin. It dries quickly and does not leave my face oily or dewy.

The fragrance is sweet and not overpowering. Most days I spray the flower water across my entire body including my hair.

Honeysuckle flower water is a perfect alternative to chemical filled perfumes.

The aromatherapy of flower waters can be heightened by adding them to your bath water, using as a body spray, or spraying across your linens and pillowcases before bed.

Honeysuckle flower water can be stored in the refrigerator and used as a cooling refresher spray on a hot summer day.

Since honeysuckles bloom from late spring to late summer, they are easy to find and harvest. Similar to the process of making rosewater, you can do an easy DIY with honeysuckles!

Have you incorporated flower waters into your life yet? If so, what are your favorites?


Next on my list of flower waters to try:

  • Lemon Thyme
  • Coconut (of course)
  • Chamomile
  • Orange Blossom

~Candra Evans

Honeysuckle Flower Water Heritage Store 4 fl oz Spray


5 thoughts on “Honeysuckle Flower Water Benefits

  1. Love Rose Geranium Hydrosol! Honeysuckle memories, summertime in the late 60’s early 70’s my friends and I loved riding our bikes in what we called “Honeysuckle Alley” in Covington KY! Really takes me back! Yes, and thank God I lived to be as old as I am! Loving Coconut Beauty!!!

    1. I have not tried the rose geranium but I already know I’ll love it. I purchased a facial toner with rose and geranium and it’s amazing. Covington is where I lived as a child too. I wonder if we were picking honeysuckles from the same alley! Hahaha 🙂

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