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fractionated coconut oil uses

fractionated coconut oil usesGet Your Free eBook! Fractionated Coconut Oil Uses

Bayleaf Botanicals is sharing their free ebook: 7 Uses of Fractionated Coconut Oil

The popularity of coconut oil is still gaining momentum. You can now find organic unrefined coconut oil in outlet and bargain discount stores.

Another coconut oil option is fractionated coconut oil. I have been using it on a regular basis since July 2015… the same 16 ounce bottle! A little goes a long way. 😉

How is fractionated coconut oil different? 

Organic coconut oil contains both long and medium chain fatty acids. In fractionated coconut oil, the long chain fatty acids have been removed.

This leaves behind a fraction of the oil. The removal of the long chain fatty acids removes the coconut scent and its ability to harden in cooler temperatures.

Fractionated coconut oil remains odorless and a liquid in all temperatures. This allows for flexibility when considering fractionated coconut oil uses.

Fractionated Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits

This type of coconut oil makes for an excellent carrier oil for a variety of essential oils.

Liquid coconut oil makes for easy application to the hair too! It’s a great option if you enjoy adding oils to shampoos and conditioners. It makes for easy blending when making your own soaps and lotions.

I could ramble on forever about fractionated coconut oil uses, but Bayleaf Botanicals is allowing me to share their free eBook with you!

It is a super quick read that will greatly benefit your beauty regimen!

Get your free eBook on the 7 uses of fractionated coconut oil by connecting to their website:!

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