Do Lotion Bars Expire

How do you use a lotion bar do lotion bars expire
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Do Lotion Bars Expire

Lotion bars have been around for quite sometime but the concept of solid lotion is still new to some. Do lotion bars expire, is one of the leading questions for new solid lotion bar users.

Lotion bars are usually made with these types of ingredients: butters, oils, and wax.

My favorite ingredients to use when making lotion bars are coconut oil, cocoa butter, lavender essential oil, and beeswax. For vegans, there are other options to replace beeswax like candelilla wax.

With more people reaching for natural oils and butters in their daily beauty care routine, it is important to know how to care for these ingredients and when they expire.

The expiration date of lotion bars depends on a few variables. What ingredients are in the lotion bar? How is the lotion bar stored on a daily basis? Is the lotion bar or its container exposed to water?

Here are the most common ingredients in my lotion bars and their estimated shelf lives. Click here to see my list of oils and there general shelf life.

do lotion bars expire
Coconut Butter Solid Lotion Bar

Cocoa Butter Shelf Life – 2 to 3 years
Shea Butter Shelf Life – 1 to 2 years
Coconut Oil Shelf Life – 2 to 5 years
Beeswax Shelf Life – Indefinite
Candelilla Wax Shelf Life – Indefinite

To help preserve my lotion bars I like to use essential oils that have antimicrobial properties. Sandalwood is a favorite as well as lavender and rosemary essential oils.

These essential oils are natural preservatives that smell wonderful and enhances the use of a solid lotion bar.

To keep your lotion bar on track with the shelf life of its components, you want to store it properly. Most butters, oils, and wax are temperature sensitive. Lotion bars are better preserved when stored in a cool and dry location.

A lotion bar that is exposed to heat above room temperature for long a duration can turn rancid sooner. This can inhibit its moisturizing properties. Depending on the oil ingredients inside, exposure to hot temperatures can also inhibit its pleasant fragrance.

do lotion bars expire
1 ounce tin container

If keeping your lotion bar in a container, keep the inside of the container dry. This helps to preserve the lotion bar and keep bacteria out.

If you have large lotion bars or simply want to keep your bars exposed on your vanity or shelf, just make sure the area is dry.

So, do lotion bars expire? The short answer is yes. Essentially the lotion bars that I typically make should have a shelf life of 12 to 18 months.

If you are purchasing natural lotion bars and there is not an expiration or used by date on the package, feel free to contact the company to confirm.

However, if it is a well made lotion bar, you will likely use it up well before its expiration. I always do! 😉

Do you have tips or questions about lotions bars? Leave me a comment down below!

Love and Blessings!


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