Do It Yourself Lip Scrub

Do It Yourself Lip Scrub with Coconut Oil

No one is a fan of dry, chapped lips. They don’t feel good to the touch and the dryness can be irritating.

Fortunately there are several remedies to end and prevent dryness.

Making your own lip scrub is probably one of the easiest DIY beauty projects you can do. You can use as few as two ingredients and make a lip scrub in small quantities.

A great benefit of a do it yourself lip scrub is the cost effectiveness. It is likely that you can create your own lip scrub with ingredients that are already in your kitchen pantry. Yay for free lip scrubs!

You can purchase a lip scrub in the store or online. However, for a fraction of the price you can make your own by using inexpensive ingredients like brown sugar and coconut oil.

Locally I purchase a 1 pound bag of brown sugar for about $1. I purchase 16 ounces of organic coconut oil for $6.

I’m horrible at math and measurements but if my calculations are close, I can make an ounce of lip scrub for around $0.21.

Half of an ounce of lip scrub in the store could cost anywhere from $5 to $40 dollars! I’m not boasting, but I love my lip and body scrubs much more. 😉

One to two tablespoons of lip scrub can last several weeks depending on the frequency of use. Chances are that once or twice a week will suffice.

You want to exfoliate/remove the dead skin cells without damaging the healthy skin.

Common exfoliating ingredients includes sugar, salt, or coffee. I prefer to use a fine product like brown sugar that will make my lip scrub gritty but gentle enough for my lips.

To your exfoliate ingredient, you want to mix in a moisturizing oil and/or humectant like honey.

Dry lips are not a good look. Lip sticks, glosses and balms wear better on smooth moisturized lips.

The Easiest Do It Yourself Lip Scrub Recipe!

  • 1 Tablespoon – Brown Sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon – Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
  • Mix together and place in a container (a recycled lip balm jar will do)

You can adjust the measurements based on your preference. If you want your lip scrub less oily, add more sugar. If you desire a gentler exfoliate lip scrub, use less sugar.

This easy recipe is perfect for the person who is not into the whole DIY beauty thing. It should take all of three minutes or less to complete this project.

Or maybe the two ingredient lip scrub isn’t up your alley. You want something more luxurious, something that rivals what you find in the stores.

Here are some optional ingredients for your do it yourself lip scrub…

  • Lavender or Peppermint essential oils for added healing properties and fragrance
  • Flavorings like Vanilla, Chocolate or Bubble Gum for the sheer pleasure of something yummy on your lips
  • Chopped strawberries, blueberries or raspberries for added texture, flavor and who couldn’t use more antioxidants. 😉
  • Then there’s a myriad of oils (Tamanu, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, etc.) that contain healing and moisturizing properties.
  • Organic honey to draw moisture to your lips for optimum lip hydration!


Do you use lip scrubs regularly? What is your favorite do it yourself lip scrub recipe?

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  1. I do not use lip scrubs all the time, but I need to. I like this homemade recipe and I need to make it and use it. Thanks for the recipe.

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