Do I Put Coconut Oil On Dry Hair

Do I Put Coconut Oil On Dry Hair

Do I Put Coconut Oil On Dry Hair

Coconut oil works great for all types. I personally love it for my chemically treated relaxed hair. It strengthens, softens and adds shine.

I use coconut oil most frequently as a pre-shampoo (pre-poo) treatment for my hair.

The first question most people ask is, do I put coconut oil on dry hair?

Coconut oil can be applied to dry or wet hair, but the question is which will be more effective. I have applied coconut oil to both dry and wet hair. My personal experience agrees that both are beneficial, but…

Since coconut oil is an oil that actually penetrates the hair shaft, the general consensus is that it works best when put on dry hair. Wetting the hair could actually prevent less of the coconut oil from penetrating.

When coconut oil enters the hair shaft, it strengthens and repairs dry, damaged hair. Although water is super hydrating, it can block oil penetration.

The longer you are able to leave the coconut oil on dry air, the better the penetration. Most find that putting coconut oil on dry hair overnight is sufficient for maximum benefits. The following morning, cleanse your hair as usual.

If you don’t like the idea of sleeping with coconut oil in your hair, apply it during the day for a shorter duration and shampoo.

Even if I only have 30 minutes to pre-treat my hair with coconut oil, it is better than not at all.

I put coconut oil on dry hair once a week and follow-up with my favorite shampoo. When I desire to co-wash (conditioner wash) or use a conditioning cleanser, I opt out of treating my hair with oil beforehand. A good shampoo removes the coconut oil from the hair much better.

Coconut oil is wonderful for strengthening and preventing split ends. So at the very least it is good to put coconut oil on the ends of dry hair.

Give this a go using extra virgin coconut oil. It is highly successful in repairing damage, cost-effective and chemical free.

Cast your vote in the comments below… Do you put coconut oil on dry hair?





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2 thoughts on “Do I Put Coconut Oil On Dry Hair

  1. I always use it on dry hair and mostly at night and wear a cap so it doesn’t get all over the bedding. I only do it 2 or 2 times per week.

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