Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth (For all hair types)

Can coconut oil make your hair grow? The short answer is a definite, yes.

Let’s talk about why, and how to use coconut oil for hair growth. (At the bottom of this post is a special announcement too!)

Coconut oil is loaded with nutrients and essential fatty acids. These nutrients condition the hair and scalp which promotes hair growth.

Coconut oil is rich in iron, vitamin E, and vitamin K. According to Dr. Josh Axe, iron is one of the top recommended vitamins for hair growth.

Not only do I see optimum growth when treating my hair with coconut oil, but my hair is thicker, softer, and stronger.

The lauric acid found in coconut oil helps to make the hair strong. If you are like most women, you are no stranger to flat irons, blow dryers, chemical processing and such the like. These things, including simple daily styling, can weaken our hair.

Lauric acid acts as a barrier to the hair strand, preventing the hair from breakage. Coconut oil can penetrate the hair shaft and repair damaged hair.

Coconut oil prevents both protein and moisture loss by acting as a sealant. We need protein for strong hair. We also need a good balance of moisture so that our hair does not become dry and brittle.Moisture and protein rich hair strands means no breakage. No breakage means length retention.

A great way to use coconut oil for hair growth is by massaging the oil into the scalp. This stimulates blood flow. When done on a regular basis, you will see an increase in hair growth.

You can also use coconut oil for the inversion method. This is a method of applying oil to the scalp and inverting the head to further increase blood flow.

Results may vary, but many women see 1 to 2 inches of hair growth in one week! It’s pretty amazing, but read more about it before trying it.

Coconut oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. A scalp that is dry, damaged, or flaking, is not conducive to healthy hair growth. Coconut oil fights against dandruff and other scalp conditions that stifle hair growth.

If you are looking for a boost in hair growth or perhaps you are concerned about hair loss, coconut oil is a brilliant option. It is natural, affordable and highly effective. Click here for suggestions on how to incorporate coconut oil into your wash day routine.

An important tip to remember when using coconut oil for hair growth….

Be consistent with using coconut oil to condition your hair and scalp. When I first began using coconut oil, I noticed a difference within the first week. However, after using the oil weekly for 3 months, I was amazed. My hair texture felt so different to the touch. It was so soft that I couldn’t keep my hands out of it. There was a difference in thickness and the amount of breakage and shedding.

Are there other oils that will help you grow your hair fast or prevent hair loss? Absolutely.

Read my article here for other oil options for hair growth. Because quite frankly, not everyone is a fan of coconut oil. 🙂

If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below. I would love to hear from you!

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