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Coconut Beauty on FacebookCoconut Beauty Spring $25 Amazon Gift Code Giveaway!

It spite of the cool temperatures in many areas of the United States, spring is here! It is a wonderful time to purge those beauty products you haven’t used in years and experiment with oils!

Since incorporating carrier and essential oils into my beauty regimen, I find myself spending less money on hair conditioners and facial cleansers. There is a wonderful feeling in knowing that you can have the best in beauty care without harsh chemicals.

The initial cost of higher quality oils can be more than drugstore brand products. However, I always experience immediate benefits and more savings over time. Just one jar of coconut oil can replace conditioners, deodorants, body scrubs and more.

So to help you get a start on trying some new oils, I am hosting an Amazon gift code giveaway!

If you win the $25 gift code (which is the same as an Amazon gift card) you can spend it on whatever your heart desires.

Start your entry by subscribing to the Coconut Beauty Newsletter. You never have to worry about spam or an overwhelming amount of emails from Coconut Beauty.

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The Amazon gift code is my personal gift to one of you. The giveaway will run through May 11th, 2016. This gives you plenty of opportunity to daily tweet and leave comments for more entries.

Stay connected for future giveaways. Thank you for visiting and have some spring-cleaning fun this year!

~Candra Evans

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Where do I buy most of my oils? Piping Rock! 🙂  


44 thoughts on “Coconut Beauty Spring $25 Amazon Gift Code Giveaway

  1. I am most interested in learning more about coconut oil and trying it out! I’ve heard a lot of incredible things about the benefits 🙂

  2. I’m most interested in any essential oil. I’m a beginner to essential oils. But I love coconut oil for baking and in my coffee!

    1. I’m excited to try thieves oil myself. They say it’s the best antibacterial and antimicrobial blend of oils!

  3. I am also new to essential oil, i use lavender oil. but, i would love to learn about others. especially others that can help with headaches!

    1. Lavender oil has helped relieve headaches for me before. I have a diffuser necklace. I dab a little lavender oil inside and it soothes my pain. Next time I’m going to give sandalwood a try. I’ll be sure to post my findings! 🙂

    1. Congratulations! That’ll be a fun topic to research. There are some essential oils that may help induce labor but I wouldn’t go about it alone. Essential oils are potent so you’ll want to keep your doctor in the loop. Congrats again! I’m excited for you! 🙂

  4. I’m excited and would like to learn more about peppermint essential oil.
    I hear it’s good for heartburn.
    thank you

  5. I keep hearing about argon oil and that I have to try it. I’m new to essential oils (am only using lavender and chamomile as part of a relaxation program right now).

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