Coconut Beauty Facebook Page

Coconut Beauty on Facebook

Coconut Beauty Facebook Page

I am excited to announce that Coconut Beauty is now on Facebook! I debated for several months whether to expand to Facebook or focus on other Social Media networks.

So why Facebook and what separates the Coconut Beauty page from all the rest?

Growing a Facebook page can be challenging, but since this is how I connect with my friends and family, I decided to make it happen.

I want to share my love for natural beauty with the ones I love. I also desired to create a community for essential and coconut oil lovers like me.

The Coconut Beauty Facebook page will be loaded weekly with information, tips, and hacks. As popular as coconut and other oils are these days, there are still a lot of questions to discuss.

What are the best ways to incorporate natural oils into my beauty regimen?
How can I efficiently purchase and use organic ingredients without breaking the bank?
What can I use for dry skin?
What oils work best for straight hair or kinky-curly hair?
How can I use oils and butters to recover from chemically damaged hair?

The mysteries of natural oils, hydrosols and organic butters like shea and mango are constantly being unraveled. There are endless recipes and methods to try and share, and this is what I do here on the Coconut Beauty blog.

So I invite you, Coconut Beauty’s blog subscribers and first time visitors, to join our Facebook community today!

If you have not subscribed to the blog, take the time to do that now. It’s so easy and completely free.

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Make sure to share with your friends and family and I’ll see you soon on FB!

~Candra Evans ♥



Where do I purchase most of my oils? Piping Rock! 

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