Ceramide Oils That Strengthen Weak Hair

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Ceramide Oils That Strengthen Weak Hair

In 2014 I was inspired by bloggers Just Grow Already and Relaxed Thairapy to add ceramide oils into my hair regimen.  I did so by applying ceramide oils in my hot oil treatments.

This was my first introduction to the term ceramide, so I decided to research what they are and their benefits.

Scientific jargon is not my thing.   I’m just your normal girl next door striving to live a more natural lifestyle.  Therefore, the importance of ceramides will be explained simply.

A single hair strand consists of layers.  Our bodies naturally produce fatty materials (oil) within the inner layers of hair strands.  Ceramides are the fatty materials found in the hair fiber.

Ceramides act as glue and cement together the layers of the cuticle.  This makes hair strong.  Ceramides also act as boundaries to prevent loss in moisture.

Relaxers, perms, color treatments, and over manipulation can destroy and deplete our naturally produced ceramides.

If this happens we will see damaged strands that are dry, brittle, and breaking.  Life is complicated enough.  Who has time to deal with breakage?

Protein treatments help to build and repair the structure of our hair.  However, incorporating ceramide rich oils into our regimen is also important.

Ceramide oils replace the natural ceramides that have been depleted by chemical processing and excessive manipulation.  They bind together again the layers of the cuticle.

I don’t about you, but I was glad to finally be in the know of this easy solution for weak hair!

Which Natural Oils are Ceramide Rich Oils?

Ceramides have a high level of linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) and so do the following natural oils.  *The following percentages marks their level of linoleic acid goodness! 

Safflower Oil (78%)

Grape seed oil (73%)

Poppy seed oil (70%)

Sunflower oil (68%)

Hemp Oil (60%)

Corn Oil (59%)

Sunflower Seeds and Oil

Wheat germ oil (55%)

Cottonseed oil (54%)

Soybean oil (51%)

Rice bran oil (39%)

Pistachio oil (32%)

Canola oil (21%)

Egg Yolk (16%)

Linseed oil (15%)

Lard (10%)

Olive oil (10%)

Palm oil (10%)

Cocoa butter (3%)

Macadamia oil (2%)

Butter (2%)

Coconut oil (2%)

Sunflower and Hemp Seed are my favorite ceramide oils.  Sunflower oil is inexpensive and readily available in your local grocery.  I purchase hemp seed oil at a reasonable cost from Amazon.

I will share my sunflower hot oil treatment and how I oil rinse with hemp seed oil in future articles.  Subscribe, so you don’t miss it! 😉

Other Ceramide Sources

Companies like Kanachom, L’Oreal, and Biolage produce ceramide formulated shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in treatments.  Since I have not tried these products I will not make recommendations but you can do some Google searching to find reviews.

How to Use Ceramide Oils

1. Oil rinsing
2. Hot oil treatment
3. Pre-shampoo treatment
4. Add a small amount to shampoo
5. Add a small amount to deep conditioner
6. Lightly apply to hair after moisturizing (great for extra dry hair)
7. Scalp massage

Want to know more?  Check out this article for more details on Ceramides here!


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