7 Beauty Products Under $10 + $10 Amazon Card Giveaway

7 Beauty Products Under $10 + $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (I’ve included a few oils too!)

There is often a high price for higher quality beauty products. Fortunately there are quality beauty products on the market that will give your budget a sigh of relief.

I have compiled a short list of my favorite beauty products that you can find under $10. Some are natural or contain natural ingredients. Even though they are on the cheap, they will leave you with amazing hair and skin.

Check out my list of beauty products under $10 and don’t forget to enter the giveaway below. I wanted to throw in one more giveaway before the summer comes to an end.

Think you can’t purchase much with a 10 dollar gift card? I beg to differ. 😉

My Favorite 7 Beauty Products Under $10!

BEAUTYOILS.CO Camellia Oil – This is a 100% pure cold-pressed face beauty oil moisturizer. You can purchase a 1 fluid ounce bottle for around $8.95 on Amazon. 1 ounce doesn’t sound like much, but just 4 or 5 drops covers my entire face and leave my skin feeling silky soft and moisturized.



Hannah Natural Henna Powder – This henna is 100% henna. There are no chemicals. I have been coloring my hair with Hanna Natural products for almost two years now. The color of the henna (and Hannah Natural indigo powder) lasts for several months. Henna not only adds a lovely reddish color to my hair, but also strengthens my hair. It retails for around $3.95 on Amazon.



Heritage Store Rosewater and Glycerin – Rosewater is a wonderful natural conditioner for the hair. I add rosewater to my roller setting lotion. Once I remove my rollers I am left with soft and bouncy curls. I also keep a small bottle of rosewater on my desk at work for aromatherapy throughout the day! It retails online or in local health food stores for around $8.00.



L.A. Colors Color Balm – I found these balms while browsing around the Dollar Tree. Yes, these balms are only $1.00! The colors have lasting power, but I am most impressed with the moisture factor. The balm applies smoothly and the colors are fun.



Lavender Essential Oil – My favorite affordable brand of lavender essential oil is the Now Foods brand. You can purchase 1 ounce of Now Foods lavender essential oil for around $8.00 including shipping on Amazon. I also enjoy the Majestic Pure brand. You can purchase a 4 ounce bottle for around $13. Essential oils are potent, so a little goes a long way. A few drops of lavender oil to a carrier oil, shampoo, or conditioner usually does the trick. I love it for scalp treatments and homemade skin products.


Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil – Did you really think coconut oil would not make my list? 😉 You can find coconut oil just about anywhere now. From Marshall’s department store to your local grocery, you can purchase coconut oil for under 10 bucks. I use coconut oil in nearly every part of my beauty regimen. Hair treatment, makeup remover, body scrub, lip moisturizer, natural deodorant…you get the idea. The Spectrum brand is currently selling on Amazon for $5.31, that’s 15 ounces!


NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation – This one runs right around the $10 threshold. Being a brown girl, I like the tawny foundation. It gives me a natural, no-make up, look. It is not drying to my skin and it’s super affordable.



With a little shopping around, you can find a lot of beauty products under $10. Of course it is always nice to splurge when you can. 😉

So what are your favorite beauty bargains? And don’t forget to enter the giveaway…starting August 18th!


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  1. Apple cider vinegar is something I like that’s inexpensive. It can be used as a hair rinse, toner, for bad breath, etc.

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