DIY Bath Tea Jar with Premium Multi-Size Chalkboard Labels

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Bath Bomb Jar Premium Multi-Size Chalkboard LabelsLavender Bath Tea

DIY Bath Tea and Premium Multi-Size Chalkboard Labels

A DIYer can never have enough containers, lids, and labels. The chalkboard label is perfect for containers that you plan to use for a variety of contents.

These labels work just like a chalkboard. You can use chalk to label the contents inside.

If you decide to store something different in the same container, you can easily erase the label and write on it again.

The Sacar Pack of 120 Premium Multi-Size Chalkboard Labels comes in 14 super cute unique shapes. They stick to my glass and plastic containers securely. These labels are also dishwater and refrigerator safe.

The only thing you have to be mindful of is that the chalk can smear fairly easily. It could have been the particular brand of chalk that I used, but I had to be careful not to grab my container around the label. Otherwise it wipes off completely clean with a cloth.

Now let’s take a look at what’s inside my chalkboard labeled glass jar.

Lavender Oats Bath Tea

I stumbled upon website, Homemade Gifts Made Easy, and fell in love. This site is loaded with super easy DIY projects for gift giving or to keep for yourself. My lavender oats bath tea was inspired by a bath tea found on this site.

This is a simple bath tea with four ingredients that will take your bath experience to another level.

In a mixing bowl I combined the following ingredients:

Organic Oats Bath Tea1 Cup – Organic Oats – Soothing for dry and itchy skin.

Epsom Salt Bath Tea1 Cup – Epsom Salt – Soothes aches, pains and sore muscles.

Lavender buds bath tea2 Tablespoons – Dried Lavender Buds

lavender essential oil bath tea10 to 20 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender oil smells amazing and promotes calm and relaxation.

lavender oats bath tea
Lavender Oats Bath Tea

The epsom salt I used is already scented with lavender, so I only used 10 drops of lavender essential oil. After stirring all of the ingredients together, I scooped the bath tea from my mixing bowl and into my glass container.

After writing on the chalkboard label, I peeled it from the sheet and placed it on my jar. When ready to add to my bath, I put some of my bath tea in an infuser. You can also make your tea bags.

It is recommended to add the bath tea to a tea bag or infuser before adding to bath water. Otherwise you will have components of your bath tea floating around in the water.

Bath Bomb Jar Premium Multi-Size Chalkboard LabelsI love that you can get really creative with these labels. Unfortunately, elegant writing is not one of my strengths. Still, this is a great way to pretty up your package.

The Sacar Pack of Premium Multi-Size Chalkboard Labels can serve so many functions. You can label your craft containers, drinking glasses, or any storage or food container.

This can be really fun for children. They can write or draw on their label over and over again.

The Sacar pack of labels can be found on Amazon. Click here for additional reviews and current retail price.

So have you used chalkboard labels before? Have you had any experience with bath teas?

Let me know in the comments and thank you so much for visiting Coconut Beauty!


~Candra E.



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