How Bath Bombs Are Made

How Bath Bombs Are Made

As much as I love DIY beauty projects, I have yet to master the bath bomb. I have had so many bath bomb failures, that I temporarily gave up the mission.

But in spite of the number of bath bombs that literally fizzed all over my kitchen counter, they are one of my favorite things for the bath.

A proper bath bomb offers many benefits for your skin. The greatest pleasure of a homemade bath bomb (or bath fizzies as some like to call them) is your choice of fragrance. My personal favorite is lavender essential oil due to its aromatherapy benefits, but most essential oils or soap fragrances work great.

Bath bombs are usually made with baking soda, citric acid, carrier oils, and even butters like shea or mango. These ingredients offer benefits that will help hydrate and repair damaged skin.

Then there’s the fun factor of a homemade bath bomb – color and design. You can use a skin safe soap colorant to design your bath bombs.

In Dean Wilson’s YouTube video below, he opts for layers of different shades of pink. You can choose a color that pairs with the fragrance you selected.

Is it hard to make bath bombs? Not, if you take your take with them.

My answer may make me sound like a hypocrite since I have yet to master it. However, when you see for yourself how bath bombs are made, you will agree with me.

And even if your bath bomb fizzes early or your bomb crumbles apart, you can still sprinkle it into your bath. I did and it was still amazing. 😉

Since I could not film my own success, I want to share with you one of my favorite YouTubers! Enjoy!

How Bath Bombs Are Made by Dean Wilson 


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