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30 Days of Hot Oil Treatments with a coconut oil blend…

Just Grow Already and RelaxedThairapy  are currently hosting a 30 days of hot oil treatments challenge for all hair types.

The challenge is to treat your hair with a hot oil treatment every wash day for the month of September for at least 5 minutes before cleansing your hair. 

Although September has come and almost gone, it’s never too late to participate. As a matter of fact I am continuing this challenge for the month of October!

My choice of natural oils…

Every natural oil has its own unique benefits. You can select an oil based on your hair needs or create a blend of oils.

For this reason I like to use a blend of the following carrier oils to treat my hair before shampooing. It’s fun to experiment and find which oil or oil blend works best for you. I even threw in a few drops of essential oil!

As always, however, coconut oil is the star of my hot oil treatments. The greatest portion of my blend is coconut oil and I add equal parts of the rest.

  • Coconut Oil – Penetrates the hair strand, conditions, and softens
  • Hemp Seed Oil – A ceramide that strengthens the hair
  • Almond Oil – Full of vitamin E and controls hair loss
  • Castor Oil – Stimulates hair growth
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil – Promotes a healthy scalp

Keep in mind that the benefits of these and other natural oils are most effective when consistently incorporated in a hair regimen.

Doing a hot oil treatment is as easy as 1 – 2- 3. 

1.Heating up the oil…

There are a variety of ways to heat up your oil. Since you will be applying this to your hair and scalp, test its temperature to make sure it is not too hot. I test the oil on my wrist.

I pour my oils into an application bottle and submit the bottle into a cup of hot water. I allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes and find that the oil is well heated.


I divide my hair into two sections and generously apply the hot oil treatment. I apply the oil on dry hair but many have great results applying to wet hair as well.

I put a processing or plastic cap on my hair and allow the oil to sit for 10 to 20 minutes… or longer if I’m working around the house. Over the plastic cap I may add another cap or wrap a towel around my head to help seal in heat.

The heat will help the oils penetrate and repair the hair.


Next, remove the towel and processing cap(s) and rinse the oil from your hair with water. I make sure to rinse very well and then I reach for my favorite shampoo.

The results are soft, strong, and manageable hair! There is still another week to go with this challenge, but the health of my hair is already on the rise!

Has it been awhile since your last hot oil treatment? Pamper yourself and your hair.




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