Organic Oils for Hair Growth

Oils for Hair Growth

Organic Oils for Hair Growth and Retention

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First, let’s talk retention…

The use of organic oils for hair growth benefits all hair types and ethnic groups.

If you desire to grow your hair long, keep in mind that hair growth and retention go hand in hand.

The old adage is that if you cut your hair, it will grow faster. The truth is our hair is always growing.

The reason why our hair appears to grow faster after we cut it is because we are cutting off damaged ends. When split ends are removed, our hair is no longer breaking. Hence we “retain” the hair that is growing.

So if we stimulate hair growth and maintain healthy hair from roots to ends, we can reach our hair growth goals!

I have dry coarse hair that remained at shoulder length for over 15 years. Why?

My damaged ends caused my hair to continually break. Although my hair was growing, this forced my stylist to trim my hair often. Even if I was using oils for increased hair growth, my efforts would have been fruitless.

So as you embark on your journey for longer hair, start with a fresh trim, removing all damaged ends.

Then get growing with organic oils!

Here are two of my favorite remedies and organic oils for hair growth.

#1 Castor Oil and Rose Hip Seed Oils for Hair Growth.

oils for hair growth
Castor Oil

Castor oil is a thicker carrier oil and well-known for increasing growth. It has antibacterial properties and nutrients like vitamin E.

I use castor oil when massaging my scalp to stimulate hair growth.

According to “The Health Site”, the ricinoleic acid and omega-6 essential fatty acids in castor oil accelerate blood circulation to the scalp. This stimulates hair growth.

My normal hair growth rate averages ¼” per month. When applying castor oil consistently, my monthly rate doubles and sometimes triples.

Over time my ends get dry and brittle. For this reason I like to mix castor oil with rose hip seed oil to the ends of my hair 3 to 4 times a week.

Both clear and Jamaican black castor oil stimulate hair growth.

For every ounce of castor oil, I add 8 to 10 drops of rose hip seed oil.

Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose hip seed oil is best known for its skin benefits. Some even call it a miracle cure for scars, wrinkles and eczema.

Rose hip oil has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. According to the “Hair Buddha” site, rose hip seed oil comes from the hip or berry of the rose plant. The berry of the flower is where the seeds reside.

Rose hip seed oil contains antioxidants and essential nutrients, including vitamins A and C. All are beneficial for reviving healthy hair!

The Benefits of Both Castor Oil and Rose Hip Seed Oil Combined

While the castor oil acts as a stimulant to grow my hair at a faster rate, the rose hip seed oil complements by acting as a protectant from dryness and future damage.

It’s senseless to solely focus on growing your hair only for your strands to succumb to damage and required trimming. Always remember retention! 😉

If you have fine hair, you can apply the oil blend, leave on your scalp overnight and wash in the morning. If you have thick coarse hair like mine, you may do well “lightly” applying this blend as a leave in treatment for your scalp.



#2 Mixing Organic Oils for Hair Growth… 

Since incorporating natural oils into my hair care routine, I always get amazing results.

It’s simply a matter of discovering which oils your hair loves best and being consistent.

The following blend of oils for hair growth are composed of the following eight essential and carrier oils. This works well for all hair types.

This oil mix is a healing balm for my hair and scalp. The oils in this blend helps to heal dandruff, dry scalp, prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth!

Since these oils are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and full of nutrients, they assist in creating a healthy environment for our hair to grow. If hair growth is not a top priority, these hair growth oils will still promote healthy hair at any length.

This is an 8 ingredient recipe but all of these oils are beneficial and can be mixed in a variety of ways.

Carrier Oils for Hair Growth

(Carrier oils are oils used to help dilute concentrated essential oils and they have excellent benefits all on their own.)

~ 1 ounce Coconut Oil {full of nutrients, contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, combats dandruff}

~ 1 once Almond Oil {high vitamin E content and seals in moisture}

~ 1 once Jamaican Black Castor Oil or Regular Castor Oil {promotes rapid hair growth}

~ 1 ounce Hemp Seed Oil {contains essential fatty acids and strengthens hair}

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

(An essential oil is more of a liquid that has been distilled from various plants. Essential oils are highly concentrated.)

~ 8 to 9 drops Rosemary Oil {stimulates hair follicles}

~ 3 to 4 drops Cedarwood Oil {has anti-fungal properties and stimulates the scalp}

~ 8 to 9 drops Lavender Oil {promotes regrowth}

~ 3 to 4 drops Tea Tree Oil {soothes the scalp, prevents dandruff, and can prevent hair loss}

Apply before cleansing or…


Pour the above measurements of each oil into a color application bottle. Most bottles have lines of measurement on the side.

I lightly apply the oil blend directly to my scalp three nights a week before bed. With my fingertips I gently massage the oil into my scalp to stimulate blood flow.

On shampoo days I saturate my scalp with the oil and apply coconut oil to the rest of my hair. You may feel a cool tingling as you massage the oil into your scalp.

This acts as a pre-conditioning treatment also known as pre-poo. I do this once or twice a week.

…use for scalp massage through the week.

When using as a pre-poo, place a plastic cap over hair and let it sit for at least twenty minutes before washing.

Sometimes I let the oils treat my hair and scalp overnight and shampoo in the morning. The longer I leave it in, the better the overall results!

Keep in mind that you can always adjust the quantities of the carrier and essentials oils to fit your preference.

If you’re new to oils apply them to a small portion of your skin to test for allergic reactions.

Because we are not dealing with chemical or synthetic base products, it’s hard to go wrong!

Hair Growth Results

Results of hair growth will vary depending on the person. Genetics, diet, and overall hair care are also factors.

There have been months where I’ve seen my hair growth accelerate from 1/4″ to 1″ within a two-week period.

There are plenty of hair growth products on the market, but this is 100% natural. Just 4 ounces of this blend will go a long way.

Remember, on non shampoo days apply oil to your scalp lightly.

You can always achieve good results with just one or two organic oils. If you opt for one of these oils for hair growth, try the castor oil!

How to store your organic oils

Both essential oils and carrier oils do well if stored in a cool dry area of your home. Storing oil in a dark glass container can help in extending its shelf life.

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