How to Make Rice Water for Hair Growth (All Hair Types)

How to Make Rice Water for Hair Growth (All Hair Types)

There are a ton of good and bad information online regarding rice water for hair growth. So to help clear the muddy “rice waters”, I am sharing a video from one of my favorite beauty channels on YouTube.

It is true that rice water has proven itself excellent for hair growth and healthy hair. The beautiful Yao women of China have used fermented rice water to wash their hair for many years. The results have been a village of women growing their hair several feet long.

The Yao women’s record setting locks have sparked an interest in rice water all over the world. Even I couldn’t help becoming intrigued.

Before I jumped on the band wagon, I wanted to do my own research and view the results from women of various hair types. The video below, by the Green Beauty Channel, offers one of the best scientific explanations as to why rice water is so good for the hair. She also details very carefully how to make rice water for hair growth.

Fermented rice water contains minerals and antioxidants that can strengthen your hair from roots to ends. Some claim that it can even repair heat damaged hair (guilty party right here).

Do I expect results like the Yao women? No, not even close. I safely assume that genetics, diet and other non rice water related factors must be considered. Consistency is also going to be key in order to see results. After awhile I suspect that my husband will be asking why we’re having rice so often for dinner. 😉

If you want to learn more, watch the video and let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this before. My organic rice is already purchased and I look forward to giving it a go when my rice water is fermented.

I will try washing with rice water alone and will from time to time add essentials oils. Of course I’ll keep you posted with the results!

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