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Relieve Dry Hair and Lift Your Mood with Gardenia Flower Water

Looking for a quick way to relieve dry hair? I use Gardenia Flower Water for moisture and a quick uplift!

I often sit at my computer and casually run my fingers through my hair. Unfortunately I do not always feel softness and moisture as my fingers travel through.

When my hair is feeling dry I reach for a bottle of flower water…which I keep conveniently on my desk alongside a body cream and lip conditioners. Yep, I love for my skin and hair to be hydrated at all times. 🙂

Over the last month or so, Gardenia flower water has been my hydrosol of choice.

Many flower waters are a byproduct of the production of essential oils.  Several types of essential oils are produced by a steam distillation process. This steaming process allows for the collection of flower water.

However, you can easily produce gardenia flower water directly from the plant itself.

See the link at the end of this article to learn how to make your own flower water at home.

The health and beauty benefits found in flower waters can be traced to its floral root.

Gardenia flower water is one of my favorites. Not only does it have the amazing fragrance of the gardenia flower, but the fact that it is infused in water makes it an excellent moisturizer for my hair.

The Gardenia is not only known for its floral beauty, but for its health and beauty benefits. In herb form, it has been used to treat many ailments in the body. In oil form, its sweet fragrance is desired for aromatherapy and making soaps and candles.

The benefits of the gardenia go on and on, but here are the top benefits of gardenia flower water for my hair.

Gardenia Flower Water | Hydration

Gardenia flower water is mostly water. Water is the ultimate moisturizer. Many spritz water alone to relieve dry strands. Water penetrates the hair and helps prevent dryness and breakage.

The best hydrating products on the market lists water as its first ingredient.

Gardenia flower water, as well as other floral waters, can be purchased in spray bottles that set off a light mist. A few pumps are just enough to hydrate your hair without causing excessive dampness.

You can also spray the flower water in your hands and run your fingers through your hair for more even distribution. It is amazing how quickly my hair turns from dry to soft and supple.

Misting my hair with gardenia flower water in the middle of the day is enough moisture to carry me through until I tend to my tresses at night.

Gardenia Flower Water | Aromatherapy (Calming Relaxation)

The next benefit to using gardenia flower water to moisturize your hair is a bit unassuming at first.

The fragrance of pure gardenia flower water is calming and soothing. As you spritz your hair, the aroma can’t help but lift your mood. The scent of the gardenia reduces anxiety and stress.

Essentially, gardenia flower water multi-tasks with every spray. Your hair gets the moisture it needs, while your mind gets a natural uplift that you will enjoy.

Since gardenia flower water is good for the skin too, I give my face a light spritz to calm my nerves before an important meeting.

It makes for a wonderful skin toner too!

Gardenia flower water is organic and chemical free. Click here to find a great article on how to make your own at home!

How do you relieve dry hair? Let me know in the comments!

Heritage Products Flower Water Gardenia — 4 fl oz
Heritage Store Lavender Flower Water, 8 Ounce
Orange Flower Water 16 oz. Malandel
Coconut Oil | Flower Waters | Carrier and Essential Oils for Hair and Skin


Heritage Products Flower Water Gardenia — 4 fl oz

use lavender flower water

Use Lavender Flower Water As A Hair Refresher Spray

Use Lavender Flower Water as a Hair Refreshing Spray

A few months ago I won a bottle of Annabelle’s Perfect Blends Daily Refresher Spray from (Thank you Jay!)

It is a moisturizer that can be used daily on dry hair or as a leave in conditioner.

It contains meadowfoam seed oil, kukui seed oil and other 100% natural goodies! I’ve enjoyed using this hair refresher spray so much that it sparked an idea.

Why not use lavender flower water as a daily hair refresher spray?

I went to my little pantry of flower waters and grabbed Heritage Stone’s Lavender Flower Water. The fragrance is amazing and it has aromatherapy benefits.

Often, I use lavender flower water after a long and tedious day. It is calming and extremely relaxing when accompanied with a hot cup of chamomile tea. 🙂

I frequently add rosewater to my setting lotions and hair conditioners. Like rosewater, lavender water contains the same plant components as the lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil promotes hair health and hair growth. So it made sense to use lavender water on my hair.

The Refresher Spray Experience of Lavender Flower Water

Refresher sprays in general are beneficial if you have dry hair. Sulfate shampoos, heating tools, chemical services or the outdoor elements (sun, rain, wind) can cause moisture loss.

Some, like myself have naturally dry hair. Your hair type (straight, wavy, curly) or your scalp’s ability to produce enough oil, can play a role in hair dryness.

Whatever the cause, a moisturizing refresher spray can add softness and moisture back into your hair.

The key ingredient in lavender flower water is, well, water. I don’t know if there is anything more hydrating to the body than good old fashion H2O.

Drinking enough water throughout the day will also benefit your hair health including moisture.

Over the last few weeks I have alternated between lavender water and Annabelle’s Perfect Blends Daily Refresher Spray. I love them both the same.

I spritz my hair with lavender water 3 to 4 times daily. My hair gets plenty of moisture and my brain is stimulated with its calming aroma. I purchased a small travel size spray bottle that easily fits into my purchase.

A light spritz, holding the bottle about 12 inches away does the trick. My hair does not get damp and my hair style is not compromised.

A 4 to 6 ounce bottle of lavender flower water can be purchased at a very reasonable price… or you can use lavender to make your own flower water at home!

….Another two thumbs up for flower water!



Honeysuckle Flower Water

Honeysuckle Flower Water Benefits

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Honeysuckle Flower Water – Relaxing Aromatherapy

When I first came across honeysuckle flower water, I was naturally drawn to it. It brought back childhood memories of picking and eating honeysuckles with my mom. They grow wild nearly everywhere.

The benefits of honeysuckle flower water mimic the many benefits of rosewater.

Honeysuckle flower water is derived from the plant and steaks claim to curing and preventing many health issues.

According to, honeysuckle has medicinal properties and is used to treat digestive disorders, colds, pneumonia and much more. The plant is also used to apply to skin to treat itching and kill germs.

Not only is the honeysuckle plant useful for medicinal purposes, but it’s an amazing natural beauty product that you must try at least once. You may just fall in love like I did!

I haven’t grown a formal addiction to flower waters but I do keep a 4 ounce spray bottle of honeysuckle flower water in my bag and on my desk at work. 🙂

So why do I keep honeysuckle flower water nearer than my cell phone?

I predominantly use honeysuckle flower water for its aromatherapy benefits. There is something in the fragrance that brings immediate relaxation.

Just a spritz or two on my face calms the tension that accompanies a busy work day. At the same time it is working as a facial toner giving my skin a beautiful natural glow.

I hold the spray bottle about 12 inches away and let the misting begin. It dries quickly and does not leave my face oily or dewy.

The fragrance is sweet and not overpowering. Most days I spray the flower water across my entire body including my hair.

Honeysuckle flower water is a perfect alternative to chemical filled perfumes.

The aromatherapy of flower waters can be heightened by adding them to your bath water, using as a body spray, or spraying across your linens and pillowcases before bed.

Honeysuckle flower water can be stored in the refrigerator and used as a cooling refresher spray on a hot summer day.

Since honeysuckles bloom from late spring to late summer, they are easy to find and harvest. Similar to the process of making rosewater, you can do an easy DIY with honeysuckles!

Have you incorporated flower waters into your life yet? If so, what are your favorites?


Next on my list of flower waters to try:

  • Lemon Thyme
  • Coconut (of course)
  • Chamomile
  • Orange Blossom

~Candra Evans

Honeysuckle Flower Water Heritage Store 4 fl oz Spray



Rosewater Benefits For Hair And Skin

Flower waters have found a special place in my beauty regimen. The first one I have come to know well is rosewater. It’s another all natural source that is beneficial for the body both inside and out.

There are numerous rosewater benefits for both the hair and skin.

This is one of those timeless products that can take the place of several other types of beauty products. You can replace your hair setting lotions, skin toners, and linen sprays with one bottle of rosewater.

Where does rosewater come from?

Flower waters are also referred to as hydrosols. According to the Suzannerbanks Blog, “hydrosols” are the water left over from the steam and water distillation of a plant or flower.

When this is done with rose petals, the by-product of this steaming process is a rose-water hydrosol.

A product labeled “flower water” usually means that the oil of the flower has been added to water. In both cases, the essence of the plant or flower is captured in the water.

You can also make your own rosewater at home by boiling fresh rose petals on the stove. After straining the petals you’re left with all natural rosewater! 

I’ll be doing a video tutorial on that soon. Subscribe at the end of this article and receive notification when it’s published!

Rosewater is an aromatherapy water. I keep rosewater in a spray bottle and give my face a spritz in the morning and afternoon. It wakes me up in the morning and relieves stress after a long day in the office.

Rosewater Benefits


Rosewater conditions and moisturizes the hair. After shampooing and conditioning my hair I like to spritz rosewater on my hair before applying a leave in conditioner.

Rosewater can be used as a setting lotion. I frequently use rosewater in combination with other products when roller setting my hair. The result is soft, bouncy and curly hair.

Rosewater has healing properties that are beneficial to gaining a healthy scalp.

Rosewater sparks hair growth by stimulating flood flow when applied to the scalp.

If you enjoy the fragrance of rose flowers, you will love the sweet fragrance rosewater adds to your hair.


Applying rosewater to the skin will reduce the appearance of large pores.

Rosewater contains properties that helps to fight acne.

Rosewater is one of many flower waters that makes for an awesome skin toner. It assists in removing access oils, moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

There are a variety of make-up setting products on the market today that can run you anywhere from $10 to $30. Before shelling out your hard-earned money, give a light mist of rosewater a try.

During the hot summer months rosewater gives cooling relieve to hot skin and soothes sunburn.

Not every brand of rosewater is the same. It is important to research a brand to find exactly how they produce their product.
You want to find the most natural flower waters and hydrosols available.

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